Comic 85 - Note From the Author 3

Tuesday, the 7th of July at 12:44 AM, 2015
Note From the Author 3
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Author Notes:

Danielle Kogan Thursday, the 7th of July at 12:44 AM, 2011 edit delete
Danielle Kogan
Hey everyone. So I'm in a temporary pickle, as this lovely note explains. Basically, I'm guesting for at least another month and a half, however if I continue this story arc in my art style, I'll be drawing it longer than that (probably). I'm considering changing the art style such that it emulates the original, because that seems to be the preference of the readers, and I'd like the lot of you to continue to enjoy Plasma-man as much as possible. I'm having trouble getting in touch with John (whom I need to discuss this matter with). In any case, once I clarify how I will be proceeding art wise (this will be next week), the comics will continue.

Also, check out those great pictures of Aquaman and Crustaceo. The two greatest fictional aquatic themed characters.
John C. Goodman Sunday, the 10th of July at 12:38 AM, 2011 edit delete
John C. Goodman
Right yes. So anyway, I've been on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway for the past fortnight, and thus out of contact. But now I'm back. Remain calm, citizens.

Anyway, I know there's some mixed response to the art change. The reason for the temporary change is that I'm away for the duration of the summer and will be unable to draw the comic; Danielle and I will talk regarding what style to use for the rest of the episode. Reader opinions?

(Also Aquaman and Crustaceo are great.)
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