Comic 8 - Vanishing Act

Monday, the 26th of July at 4:08 PM, 2010
Vanishing Act
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Butt Hunter Tuesday, the 27th of July at 4:21 PM, 2010 edit delete
Butt Hunter
Oh no! The prestigigi...

The Pretcigdi...

The Pretzellygator?
ThornsInOurSide Tuesday, the 27th of July at 4:23 PM, 2010 edit delete
The Prestigitator is the villain you love to hate...
Magravan Tuesday, the 27th of July at 8:21 PM, 2010 edit delete
Wait wait wait... He just got rid of a politician, and he's a villain? Some craaazy world you live in :D
Tezcatlipoca Wednesday, the 28th of July at 12:02 AM, 2010 edit delete
Curious indeed, no?
DerrickMichael5 Monday, the 6th of September at 1:55 AM, 2010 edit delete
The true identity of Tezcatlipoca behind the apple :p
MaxThunder Monday, the 1st of November at 5:02 PM, 2010 edit delete
Prestid... gidito.. pretodigididity... LLAMA'S ARE COMING!!!
Don goodman Friday, the 5th of November at 1:52 PM, 2010 edit delete
Great work
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